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J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library

Citation Searching: SciFinder

Finding Citing Articles in SciFinder

Note: You must register in order to use SciFinder. If you have not registered, do so here.

1) Navigate to SciFinder from the library databases page and log in.

2) The "Explore References" set should already be selected after you log in. Along the left sidebar, select "Journal," then enter the title of the article you are looking for in quotes and click "Search."

3) In your results, most of the article title will be highlighted in purple, as SciFinder highlights your search words in the results. Notice that the article shows up twice - it was pulled in once from the CAPLUS database and once from the MEDLINE database. On the right, the paper icon shows you how many times this article has been cited. Click directly on the icon to be taken to the citation. Notice that one record shows 11 citations and the other shows 5. When you click on either of these, it takes you to all 16 citations, so you don't need to click on both.

You can also search SciFinder by author.

1) From the main page, select "author name" and enter at least a last name. Entering more information will help focus the search.


2) Select all relevant versions of the name in order to retrieve all references associated with that author, then click "Get References."

3) You will now see a list of all of this author's papers with the number of citing articles next to the paper icon on the right.