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J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library

UN1015 Composition

How to use this Guide

One of the primary goals of the library session and accompanying tutorials is to ensure that all students who complete Composition have a baseline introduction to the library and information literacy that future instructors can build on. As such, while this guide is intentionally modular and flexible, it would be helpful if all instructors included the following pieces in their courses, as these most closely replicate what students were learning in previous years:

Aside from these, please use the pages and info on this guide however works best for the structure of your course. Many of you approach and incorporate information literacy in many ways already across your sections - feel free to grab individual pages, links, etc. from this guide or link to the whole thing.

As ever, we're happy to work with you if you have needs or interests in learning materials that fall outside the scope of this guide. Please direct your questions or ideas to Jenn Sams ( or

Thank you for your flexibility this semester!

Zoom Sessions & Consultations

We can absolutely still schedule library sessions over Zoom this semester. However, due to the limitations of staffing, space, and wholly remote sections, we cannot guarantee that we can fit everyone in in the time frame necessary - hence this guide!

If you would like to schedule a library info lit session, please use the Instruction Request form and indicate specifically what learning outcomes you would like to address in the session.

We are also happy to host one-on-one consultations with students. Please direct students to the form on the Library Support page - this provides more info for the librarian or SRC going into the session and helps to ensure students are prepared to dive in with questions! If you decide to offer any sort of (extra) credit for students attending a consultation, please give Jenn Sams ( a heads up so we can prepare for the increase in requests!