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J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library

UN1015 Composition

Finding Multimedia

These are just a few places where you can find images that can be re-used and re-mixed. Please check any licenses or copyright statements on each work before you use it!

A/V Tools at the Library

The Library has audio and video recorders on Course Reserve specifically for Composition students! Visit the library's Circulation Desk to check one out.

In addition, there are a wide range of other technological tools to support the creation of snazzy multi modal projects, including:

  • Digital cameras
  • Video cameras 
  • Tripods
  • Microphone headsets
  • Scanners
  • Macs with Adobe software for video and image manipulation
For more info, visit:

Software for Multimedia Design

Software Tutorials

Below are tutorials on a variety of software that you might find useful!