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J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library

UN1015 Composition

Welcome to the Van Pelt and Opie Library!

This guide is a compilation of information, links, tutorials, and more to help you become a more efficient and effective researcher. This guide and the assignments you complete in Composition all help you build the foundational skills needed to be information literate students and participants in society.

Your instructor may ask you to take a look at specific pieces of this guide rather than the whole thing depending on how their course is structured. Use the tabs to navigate, and be aware that anything labeled (tutorial) will jump you out to to a new window where you can walk through information interactively. Ideally, all first year composition students will view the following sections so that future instructors can build off of this baseline knowledge:

Please be sure to check out the Databases for Composition and Library Support sections. The Databases are curated specifically based on conversations librarians have had with Composition students over the years. The support section provides information on available tools & spaces, and where to get help with library resources.

The library is here to help you be successful!

Top 5 Library FAQ's: