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J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library

Chemical Engineering Design Resources: Chemical Prices & Suppliers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Top 5 Library FAQ's:

Chemical Prices Sources

There is no one, credible source for current & historical prices of bulk chemicals available for educational purposes. 

  • Research for chemical prices may be piecemeal and in some cases the only source of information may be the manufacturer. 
  • Remember to speak with your instructor before contacting any manufacturer directly.

Two publications with a focus on chemical prices:

ICIS Chemical Business - Available electronically (2007-present) through the database ABI/Inform. 2006 issues available electronically from the database General OneFile. Recent print issues available in Current Journals area (1st floor) TP1.O3.

  • In current electronic issues, search for "chemical prices" to locate a table that contains spot and contract bulk prices for a few industrial chemicals and petrochemicals.

  • In older issues the chemical prices table was called "key indicators" and found in the Market Trends & Data section.

Chemical Week - Most issues (1987-present) available electronically through the database ABI/Inform.  Recent print issues available in Current Journals area (1st floor) TP 1 .C512. Search for the CW "Price Report" section or the "Product Focus" section for specific chemicals in older issues.  The price report contains mainly spot and contract prices for a few select bulk industrial chemicals and petrochemicals.  Note: It appears the CW Price Report section was discontinued in 2012.

Other Sources to try:

Chemical Suppliers

Chemical supplier websites may include prices.  Please note that small scale, laboratory prices may not be appropriate for bulk quantity pricing.


Print Resources at the library

Aldrich Catalog -- TP202.A54 REF

OPD Chemical Buyers Directory -- TP12.O3 REF - Also online at

Chemical Week Buyers Guide -- TP12.C713 REF

Handbook of Industrial Chemical Additives / Michael & Irene Ash -- TP201.A84 REF

Lab, research, specialty

Sigma-Aldrich -

ChemACX - -

Chempoint -

Agricultural Chemicals

XSAg -




Plastics Today -

PlasticsNet -