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Find Sources

While a quick google search can be incredibly useful for finding introductory material on some topics, these searches are often cluttered by unrelated links and it's not always clear how results are sorted past the first couple. Use the following links to become a more effective & efficient searcher:

Citation Resources

There are many resources on citations available. Below are some websites and tools you can use. Most databases have an option to generate a citation. This can be very useful, but always check the generated citation. Often authors' names are flipped, the capitalization of titles is jumbled, etc.

Good citations allow readers to track down references for more information and build your credibility as the author by highlighting the works you've built your thinking on. 

APA Style

In general, the nursing field uses APA style for citations.

Citation Management Software

Citation managers allow you to store, sort, and edit references to articles you find. They then connect to word processing tools in order to automatically generate citation lists for you. The library provides resources and support (guides, consultations, & workshops) for EndNote and Zotero.