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J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library

Michigan Documents

House & Senate Journals


The Van Pelt and Opie Library (VPOL) holds physical copies of both the Journal of the House of Representatives of the State of Michigan and the Journal of the Senate of the State of Michigan dating back to 1867. 

Digitized copies are available through HathiTrust Digital Library (Links Below). Note: Some catalog records are incomplete. The VPOL holds all physical copies if digital copy is unavailable. 

Select editions are also available on Microfiche through the VPOL. Please check the details on the individual catalog records you're interested in for further information. 

What Information do Journals Contain?


Definition: A 'Journal' is a constitutionally-mandated record of certain actions of the House and the Senate.

Journals of the Michigan House of Representatives and Senate contain the following types of information: 

  • michigan state capitol buildingCitations to Documents
  • References to Committee Reports
  • Committee Member Lists
  • Roll Call Votes
  • Explanations for "No Vote" 
  • Bill Sponsors' Names
  • Date of Action on a Bill
  • Defeated Bill Amendments
  • Other Miscellaneous Information 

Journal vs. Congressional Record


Congressional Record: Daily records of Congressional proceedings, published as full transcripts

Journal: Records of certain actions taken by the House and the Senate during regular and extra sessions

What's the Difference? 

While a Congressional Record is a complete transcript of everything said during Congressional Sessions, a Journal includes citations to documents, references to committee reports, committee member reports, explanations for "No Votes", bill sponsors' names, and other miscellaneous information. 

How is This Information Used?

House and Senate Journals are used mainly as reference materials.

This could include references and citations in case law, reports by Congress or Congressional Committees, reports to Congress or Congressional Committees, or even reports on the effects of actions referenced in journals, etc.

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