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J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library

ENG1102 Engineering Modeling & Design

The Michigan Tech Writing Center

The Michigan Tech Writing Center is located in room 107 of the Walker Arts & Humanities Building.  They can help you work on a presentation, proof read your paper and more.

Style Manuals & Citation Guides

IEEE Examples

This may be your first experience with IEEE style! Below are examples of what this style looks like both in-text and in your final reference list. For more examples, see the IEEE citation manual above.

In the body of a paper/presentation:

The quality of the water used in brewing can be tied to the presence of microbiological, inorganic, and other contaminants in a beer [1].

Listed the end of a paper/presentation:

[1] D. Baxter, "The influence of brewing liquor on beer safety and quality," Ferment, vol. 12, (4), pp. 13-18, 1999. Available:  

Citation Management Software

Citation management tools allow you to collect and organize citations into a personal library as you research. These tools connect with word processing tools (Word, Google Docs, etc.) to automatically format citations from your library in your final document with the click of a button! Take a look at the guides below or reach out to schedule a consultation with a librarian to learn about one of these tools.