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J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library

eBooks at Michigan Tech

Ebsco eBook Academic Collection

The library subscribes to thousands of ebooks via the Ebsco platform that you can find via our library catalog. Most of these ebooks can be accessed by an unlimited number of concurrent users, and so make good class resources. However, the full-text of these books cannot just be downloaded as PDFs. Each book has a different limit for the number of pages that can be downloaded as a PDF (typically 40 to 100 pages). Instead, users must create an account and "borrow" the book and must use Adobe Digital Editions software to read the book. The guide below walks through the steps for borrowing and using an Ebsco ebook.

Step 1. Navigating to an EBSCO eBook

If you find a book in the library catalog that is available via Ebsco, you will see "eBook Academic Collection" under the View Online section of the book's record. Click the link to jump to Ebsco's platform and access the book's content.

Image of Catalog record

If you are off-campus, you will be asked to log in with your ISO username and password.

Step 2. View text in browser

To view the text in the browser, click the "PDF Full Text" or "EPUB Full Text" links. This will take you to a new window where you can read and annotate the work. Sign in to save notes.

From here you can download some pages and chapters. Different books have different limits - 40 pages and 100 pages are the most common limits.

Step 3. Make an Ebsco Account to Download

To download the full text of most Ebsco ebooks, you will need to make an account with Ebsco and "Borrow" the book. When you click on the "Full Download" link, you will be prompted to Sign In/Create Account.

You can either create a separate account or log in with Google to use your MTU credentials. 

Step 4. Download/Borrow the book

After making an account, you will be able to Download (Borrow) the e-book for up to 28 days. This can be renewed. Ebsco ebooks are protected by DRM (digital rights management) and must be read via Adobe Digital Editions (download Digital Editions).

Use Adobe Digital Editions to view the file. For help with this tool, jump to the Adobe Digital Editions section of this guide.

Additional Info on Adobe Digital Editions

Download the version of Adobe Digital Editions that matches your device. If you are using a Michigan Tech device, Adobe Digital Editions is available via AppsAnywhere (in laps) or in the Software Center (for office/lab computers).

Once the tool is downloaded, you will be asked to Authorize the device you are using. If you intend to read this book across multiple devices, you can authorize your account by creating an Adobe account. If you will only be reading on this device, feel free to check "Authorize my computer without an ID."