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J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library

UN5390 - Scientific Computing: Home

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Key Resources for UN5390

Quick Refresh on Strategic Search

See the slides (above) for more info and examples!


Key Google (Scholar) Operators

  • -- finds anything with .gov as part of the site name
  • intext:coral -- finds sites with the word coral in the text
  • intext:(coral news) -- use ( ) to group words with one command 
  • "press release" -- " " to group words into exact phrases
  • OR -- between synonyms (use parentheses in a combo string!)
  • -reef -- use - to exclude a word
  • author: -- find author name (works best in scholar)

Key Database Operators

  • Use AND and OR to find keywords and synonyms
  • Use advanced search to search in just abstracts, titles, authors, etc. and for specific document types
  • Use the Database A-Z list to select a topic-specific database