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J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library

Library Liaisons

Library Liaison Roles

Library liaisons are faculty who work directly with the library's Collection Team to communicate the the library's initiatives, resources and services to their departmental colleagues and provide invaluable feedback from the departments to the library. Designed to not be a time intensive role, a liaison typically:

  • Is familiar with the various research that is occurring within their department
  • Is familiar with classes being offered within their department
  • Is interested in being an advocate for their department, ensuring relevant material is acquired for the department by the library 
  • Is willing to help field questions about library-related resources when they arise
  • Is willing to meet with the Collections Team annually or as needed to discuss their department's library needs

Liaisons by Department

Department / College Name Email
Air Force ROTC contact the library
Army ROTC contact the library
Biological Sciences Mike Gretz
Biomedical Engineering Bruce Lee
Chemical Engineering Yixin Liu
Chemistry contact the library
Civil & Environmental Engineering contact the library
Cognitive & Learning Sciences Kedmon Hungwe
College of Business Jun Min
College of Computing (includes Applied Computing) contact the library
College of Forest Resources & Environmental Sciences Stacey Cotey
Computer Science Charles Wallace
Electrical & Computer Engineering Hongyu An
Engineering Fundamentals James Bittner
Geological & Mining Engineering & Sciences Radwin Askari
Humanities Andy Fiss
Kinesiology & Integrative Physiology Kyle Bolen
Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering Technology Nicholas Hendrickson
Materials Science & Engineering Peter Moran
Mathematical Sciences contact the library
Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics Trisha Sain
Pavlis Honors College Jean Kampe
Physics Raymond Shaw
Social Sciences Mark Rhodes
Visual & Performing Arts Michael Christianson