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ENG1101 Resource Portal

picture of a cute cartoon robotRobot Articles by Area


Below is a compiled list of articles about robots from popular science news sites. It is loosely divided by Engineering sub-discipline, but within any one robot design, there are often multiple areas working together. So feel free to browse the list and choose an article that catches your interest!

If you don't see an article that you'd like to read, visit one of the sites that publish the articles below (e.g., Nature, IEEE Spectrum, MIT News, etc.). These sites specialize in current STEM news and are great places to start a new search!

If you have article suggestions or questions, please contact



Biomedical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Computer Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Engineering Management

Environmental Engineering

Geological and Mining Engineering

Mechanical Engineering & Mechanical Engineering Technology

Materials Science and Engineering

Robotics Engineering

Background Info about Mars


Below are articles, websites, and resources that might be of interest as you investigate conditions on Mars. These resources cover conditions on the ground that face autonomous vehicles (and eventually other devices!) as well as conditions that materials and devices would need to withstand in space before arriving at Mars.