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SS/MGT3650: Patents: Home


This class session is designed to provide a basic overview of patents and searching for patents using the USPTO's PatFT database and the EPO's Espacenet database. Use this guide as a reference and please Contact Us if you need further assistance.

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You have a GREAT idea that will make swimming pools safer and more versatile: a sliding cover that is rigid and load-bearing when in place. It’s compact when stored and since it’s rigid, this cover would also be multipurpose, perhaps used as outdoor patio or dancing space. The sky's the limit!

Using the 6.5 step search strategy, answer the following:

1. What CPC code(s) could you use to search for prior art related to this idea?

2. Based on your prior art search, could you patent this invention? Why?

3. Could you develop, produce, and sell this invention in the US without infringing on someone else’s IP rights? Why?

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