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How to Create a Story Map in ArcGIS Online: Creating a Story Map

This guide will provide a tutorial on creating a basic Story Map using ArcGIS Online.

Creating a Story Map in ArcGIS Online

All Michigan Tech Students, faculty, and staff have free access to the ArcGIS Online StoryMaps platform using their SSO credentials. This guide will explain how to access ArcGIS Story Maps and provide and overview of the StoryMaps platform. For tutorials on building effective Story Maps, see the section of this LibGuide on Story Map Resources

Accessing Story Maps and Michigan Tech

1. Go to Michigan Tech's ArcGIS Online Organizational account. Click the Sign-in button in the upper-right hand corner of the screen. 

2. Click the button that says Michigan Tech SSO login (Do not use the ArcGIS login or you will not be able to sign in). You will be prompted to enter your Michigan Tech SSO credentials. Enter your credentials and you should now be logged in to ArcGIS Online.

3. Click on the menu button in next to your username in the upper-right hand corner of the screen and click on the ArcGIS StoryMaps icon to launch Story Maps. 

4. Once you are in Story Maps, click the Start a Story button.

Getting Started with Story Maps

1. You will first want to enter a title and short introduction for your story. You can also add a cover image or video. 

2. If you want to choose cover layout and Theme for your Story Map click on the Design tab. Here you can also choose from a featured theme, add a navigation bar and credits, and upload a logo. 

Overview of Story Maps Platform

Note: The ArcGIS Story Maps platform is very versatile and customizable and this guide is only meant to provide a basic overview of Story Maps. In the next section the guide will provide some resources and tutorials on using ArcGIS Story Maps at a more in-depth level. 

1. One of the most important buttons when creating a story map is the round teal blue + button, which allows you to add content block to your story. With the + button you can add basic things such as text or tables or media items including Maps, video, audio, or images. You can also add immersive items such as a slideshow, sidecar, or map tour! 

2. At the bottom you can cite any resources you have used to created this Story Map such as text, videos, images or maps. 

3. Please view resources in the next section for more in-depth tutorials and tips on creating ArcGIS Story Maps.