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J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library

AR/VR Expo and Lunch & Learn: Home

AR/VR Calendar

AR/VR Expo, March 26
Library's East Reading Room

AR/VR Luncheon, March 29
Library's East Reading Room
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AR/VR Events at Michigan Tech

The library and CTL are working together to host two events to promote discussion of and ideas around shared facilities or other library/CTL support for teaching/learning projects involving Virtual and Augmented reality.
An "Expo", targeted at a campus-wide audience of students, faculty, and staff, is being planned for Tuesday afternoon, March 26 from 2-4 PM. At this expo, faculty currently using these tools for teaching and research will demonstrate them and share ideas in an open forum. A follow-up luncheon discussion, targeted at instructors using or interested in using VR/AR tools will be held on Friday, March 29.
John Schneiderhan from the library has made contact with many of the appropriate people already, but if you have faculty working in these spaces who have not been contacted, please bring this event to their attention. We'd love to bring as many voices to the table as possible; interested parties should e-mail John Schneiderhan and Mike Meyer.

AR/VR at Michigan Tech

VR for Game Development and Research
Scott Kuhl (

Scott Kuhl leads the virtual environment lab in Rekhi and is the faculty advisor of the Husky Game Development Enterprise. Scott will share an example of a student-developed VR game and the active areas of VR research.

VR Learning Objects with Adobe Captivate
Sarah Bell (

Conceptually and through play exercises in the HDMZ, Sarah Bell introduces students taking the HU Intro to Digital Media course to AR/VR technologies. She is currently evaluating the latest version of Adobe Captivate, as it includes templates for creating 360 degree video based VR learning objects. She will be sharing the activities, her experiences, and her students' reactions to these technologies. 

Visualizations of Keweenaw Mines 
David Kelly

Explore an Augmented Reality visualization of Keweenaw Mines (video of tool). See the layout and depth of the mines and what sits over them on the peninsula.

AR Sandbox
Alex Mayer (, Todd Arney (, David Wanless (, Joseph Foster (, Yu Cai (

This virtual sandbox was built by School of Technology's Mechanical Engineering Technology students as a Senior Capstone Project. Once built and experienced, SoT Surveying Engineering students found that its use could be incorporated into topographic & watershed analysis, volume determination, and subdivision layout and site design.  Further, Computer Network and System Administration students are exploring ways to build on existing public domain software so qualitative data could be extracted from various shade layers; such as topography, forest cover, soil types, snow, glaciers, etc. The Surveying Engineering program intends to include the Virtual Sandbox in its design & build of SoT's Mobile Escape Room.

Geospatial Data Collecting
Eugene Levin (

Computer Vision Tracking and Mixed Reality
Guy Hembroff (

GIS applications of VR/AR: Wind Energy Development Visualization, Keweenaw Time Traveler, and 3D data collection
Ryan Williams ( and Don Lafreniere (

VR/AR offers expanded options for sharing your own local knowledge and connecting with others. Explore the Keweenaw Time Traveler, an online interactive historical atlas; a Wind Energy Development tool; and other 3D data collection options.

Rajesh Jha

SimInsights develops AR/VR software for education and business uses. 

PowerPoint presentation

/VR Exploration with Merge headset and cube
Library & CTL staff

Play with a variety of educational apps and videos using a Merge headset and Cube.

AR/VR Information and Resources

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